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About This Forum

Welcome to the Church of Reality. Please read these rules first.

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Please introduce yourself. Tell us a little about who you are and what you are into. Tell us how you found out about the Church of Reality. And - welcome to the real world.

  • 232 Topics
  • 1,320 Replies

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Goals of the Church of Reality

This forum is where we discuss the goals of the church. What this religion should or should not do and how to do it.

  • 59 Topics
  • 1,027 Replies
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The Sacred Principles (aka Morality)

Defining the Sacred Principles of the Church of Reality. Creating values and defining right and wrong in the absence of an omnipotent rule maker.

  • 51 Topics
  • 898 Replies
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Evangelizing Reality

Spreading the word. Bringing people into the Real World. How do we raise the status of reality and challenge other religions on the basis of what's real. Your suggestions please.

  • 85 Topics
  • 704 Replies
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Questions and Comments about the Church of Reality

Have a question about the Church of Reality? Want to know where we stand on issues? Want to make a comment about the Church of Reality?

  • 40 Topics
  • 435 Replies
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Church of Reality Projects

Project Ideas for the Church of Reality - I need people to suggest projects and post a paper here about what we should be doing and why. Ideas about education, community, morality, anything relating to actually doing something.

  • 54 Topics
  • 427 Replies
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Scope of the Church of Reality

What is the scope of this church? What should it include and what should it not include? How far is too far? What is missing? What is the role of the Church of Reality?

  • 19 Topics
  • 337 Replies
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Church Policy

What should the church of Reality Policy be on Various Issues? When suggesting policy, try to logically connect it to Sacred Principles or other existing policy.

  • 62 Topics
  • 1,275 Replies
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Legal Issues

Issues of law relating to the Church of Reality or Law and Religion Issues

  • 17 Topics
  • 134 Replies

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Deep Thinking

Deep thoughts about interesting issues. Why does anything exist? Topics that really make you think.

  • 249 Topics
  • 2,724 Replies
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Contemplating the Name

What does the Church of Reality mean? We have the name but what is a Church of Reality really?

  • 11 Topics
  • 177 Replies
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Contemplating the Universe

What is the Universe? Here we talk about science, everything from atoms to galaxies. Our world, our universe. What is this place?

  • 12 Topics
  • 158 Replies
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Contemplating the Tree

The Tree of Knowledge is the sum total of human understanding. It is what we as the human race all know together. The network of biological minds.

  • 13 Topics
  • 109 Replies
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Contemplating the Future

What is the future of humanity? What can we do to affect the future and control what we will become? We can choose our own destiny. What will that be?

  • 9 Topics
  • 112 Replies
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Contemplating Society

Who are we as a society? What is right and wrong and why? What is the best way to get along. What does inclusiveness mean? What is freedom, justice, rights? What makes us better than the rats?

  • 25 Topics
  • 282 Replies
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Contemplating the Path

Contemplating the Path is to contemplate your role in society. It is to understand who you are and what your role is in society. It is the process for forming your plan for living and forming plans to improve society and explore reality.

  • 5 Topics
  • 121 Replies
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Contemplating Contemplation

The understanding of understanding. It's about our mind. How does it work? How can we use it to comprehend reality?

  • 19 Topics
  • 231 Replies

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Brilliant Ideas

Contribute a Brilliant Idea about anything that you want to contribute to the World.

  • 46 Topics
  • 644 Replies
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Music Ministry

Contribute Songs Here

  • 24 Topics
  • 91 Replies
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Reality Art and Media

Create Art for the Church of Reality Web Site

  • 18 Topics
  • 21 Replies

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Today's News

Here's a place to debate what's going on in the world. What's happening in reality.

  • 525 Topics
  • 1,539 Replies
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The Lounge

General Discussion - Anything Goes Here.

  • 291 Topics
  • 2,187 Replies
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Why did you give up your previous religion to become a Realist? Testify abut how reality changed your life!

  • 21 Topics
  • 280 Replies
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Science and Technology

The gizmos that make things go.

  • 78 Topics
  • 602 Replies
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Tin Foil Hat

Conspiracies that might be true.

  • 28 Topics
  • 341 Replies
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Try to keep it reasonably clean.

  • 173 Topics
  • 434 Replies
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Politics has a place in reality. Here we can discuss what's happening in the political world.

  • 69 Topics
  • 805 Replies

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