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Is Ditziness genetic or habitual? Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 21 May 2006 - 11:17 PM

Every now and then, I get frustrated at some of my friends because of their ditziness.

For example, I would tell one of my friends about an important event that will happen the next day, and he'll forget about it 5 hours later (he's not retarded).

A more extreme example is while we're on the road, my friend would listen to music and get really into it that she starts to dance with it. Eventually she starts to move her shoulders back and forth with the beat (she didn't even notice this until I told her), and the steering wheel moves along with them. So now the car is moving back and forth like we have a drunk driver, not to mention that we had an 18-wheeler to the left of us :shock:. This scared the living HELL out of me.

These instances piss me off so much that I try to find a way to get rid of my friends' ditziness problems. :-x

So I'm wondering: Is ditziness something you're born with, or is it a habit you develop and is something you can correct?

I appreciate your replies



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Posted 22 May 2006 - 12:28 AM


I think the lack of sense and the absent minded are born that way. I have known a few that are the same way. As we get older they still have the same problems they had when they were young. Although those who are air heads young can change but it takes alot on their part.

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Posted 22 May 2006 - 01:33 AM

I'd say it depends on the individual, some folks do have mental issues making them unable to retain short term stuff but, this is rare.

Typically it's just because we don't know how to, or prioritize thing properly as we file them away. It is a case of absent mindedness. Also you'll find some of the most artistic, creative, inventive folks have a hard time with keeping schedualed events, they are so natural minded that the tick tok of the time clock is a henderence to them, they spend their time enveloped in the moment, creating, putting all their focus into what they are doing and experiencing and you'll find them constantly letting you down when it comes to getting together.. don't take it personally, don't be to angry at them if this is the case.. really it's a rare thing these days to embrace the moment so intensely ;)

Still, if they are just being careless and apathetic, then I'd say giving em a little hell may help a little hehehehe.


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Posted 25 May 2006 - 05:35 PM

Is Ditziness genetic or habitual?

The answer is "Yes"
...and...well, you learn to live with it.

It's that damn different drummer gene. Sometimes the unique music gets so loud, it overpowers everything else going on at the time.

Many, but not all, very brilliant creative, but ditzy people actually have Asperger's Syndrome. Being easily distracted or getting lost in thoughts/obsessions is one of the usual traits of this confusing autististic spectrum disorder. Forgetting things is also quite common. Einstein was known to occassionally just walk away right in the middle of a conversation to the dismay of the other people, as if an idea suddenly came up and he had to go work it out, forgetting he was in a conversation with someone else.

I'm certainly not all that brilliant or creative and I do not have full-blown severe Aspergers, but I know I have some of the traits. I have developed strategies to help compensate for the ding factor, but some days, I wonder what will happen to me, if for some reason, I'm unable to write myself notes.

I don't ding out when it comes to driving - at least not very often. :oops: After all, I did immediately turn around when I turned the wrong way into a one-way street from a parking lot I had been in only a couple thousand times or so. Nobody was coming and neither of my passengers said anything....for a really really long time.

Alex, I hope you told your friend just how you felt about riding with her while she is zoning out to music when she is driving. Some people just should not drive, no matter how smart they are academically.

Now, I must slip away from my computer and the RDL for a few days. I could sit here for hours and sometimes I do. This is not always a good thing for me, because I do forget the time passing.

I will return when I can.

Thanks for bringing up this topic, Alex. It's important to discuss and maybe achieve some understanding.

May you have many pleasant and peaceful moments through-out your days.

Life Student


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Posted 25 May 2006 - 05:58 PM

I have a 14 year old boy with ADD (which I have as well) and, more problematic, Nonverbal Learning Disability, which is on the continuum that leads up to full-blown Asperger's. It's always amusing/infuriating to hear ignoramuses masquerading as skeptics on TV who write this off to rudeness, bad parenting, etc.

He is very "left brain" smart, but his executive functioning ability is very challenged. For him, only if he is totally engaged by the thing -- whatever the thing might be (almost always has to do with music, playing instruments) -- can he be relied on to execute completely. To the untrained eye it can be very off-putting, and unless I had a child with this, I would know nothing about it.

In my youth this would have been dealt with very harshly by parents, teachers, etc. In fact, many teachers still have no sensitivity to what people with these challenges go through to get things done and submitted completely and on time -- despite all the "professional (non)development" days they seem to have. But this is not intentional rudeness; it's a real disparity between left- and right-brain functioning.

As time goes on we're all learning a lot more about these things that used to get kids booted out of school and into trouble, and that tend to pi** off those who don't realize what they are dealing with. That said, there are also people who just seem to lack any appreciation for the fact that they are not the center of everyone's universe and can be anywhere from ditzy to downright inconsiderate.


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